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holiday ni is a travel blog which has been set up specifically to help the people of Northern Ireland find affordable holidays.

Whether that be a staycation in Northern Ireland/Ireland or a holiday abroad. Before we started, there were few websites like ours, finding new holiday deals daily, but also helping you become savvy in savings £100s off your next holiday.

In addition you’ll find articles, faqs and guides across the site with the sole purpose to show you how to experience something which is perceived as expensive for a lot less. Tips like how to find the cheapest flights departing Belfast, or the best time to book your summer holiday?

Package Holidays

By far the most popular holiday to book, because you have everything you want in one package. This means at minimum your return flights + resort will be included. We search scores of different websites to find you the best package holiday deals, varying from all inclusive, self catered and half board.

Due to legislation, most package holiday’s departing the UK these days will be ATOL protected. Do clarify this when booking. ATOL is a initiative which signed travel agents abide by with the sole purpose to ensure you won’t lose money or become stranded abroad if the company you’ve booked with goes out of business. Of course we’d also recommend you get full travel insurance before booking a holiday.

DIY holiday bookings

DIY holidays are becoming increasingly popular, because they can provide full flexibility and freedom when booking your holiday. Put simply. it’s the process of booking all the elements of your holiday separately. We quite frequently share deals based on this booking method, but rest assured we post clear details to take you through each step with direct links to book your flights + resort/hotel.

You should of course alway take out full travel insurance before booking any holiday, to give you peace of mind should circumstances change. The vast majority of bookings in this way will require full payment upfront. We find city breaks can be the best way to try a DIY holiday booking.


We’re not sure about you, but who doesn’t love a staycation? In between those exciting holidays abroad, sometimes it’s nice just to appreciate your home country – no need to jump on a plane for hours or pack for a week. Just a night or two away can be just what you need to recharge your batteries.

We’ve found a bunch of different staycations over the months and years of being travel deal finders, some highlights: From a superyacht hotel, luxury Glamping and a hotel in a medieval castle. If you’re looking for some wonderlust and inspiration, you’ll not be disappointed here!

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